Pinhook Hand Selected by Joe C Single Barrel 7 Year Bourbon War (750 ml)

We've supported Pinhook's Bourbons & Ryes since the day they arrived in California about a half decade ago. For years we asked if we could pick a single barrel only to be denied again & again. We were understanding since they're a small boutique whiskey company that just doesn't have a lot of barrels to spare for people like us. But persistence finally won out in the end and they let us taste through some barrels and we feel super grateful & fortunate to be able to offer this 7 year old Bourbon to you. We've had bottles from this batch starting at 3 years old and they've all been good but this barrel is really hitting its stride at 7 years of age.
The term pinhooking originally applied to tobacco & then to horses & now to whiskey. We're happy to be able to pinhook this barrel to you!